It's World Book Day!!

It's April 23rd!! World Book Day is here today. I am a book lover. I love spending hours looking for picture books for my children. When I am looking out for picture books for my kids, I love to scout for themes. Personally, I believe that, when we read picture books to kids, the theme, illustrations and props play a pivotal role in sustaining the children's attention and enthusiasm.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers love books about farm animals, funny and colourful dinosaurs, rhyming words, sweet friendships and huge furry bears.

Here are some books that kids love.

Farm Animals

Little Farmer Joe - When Joe stays with Aunt Bee and Uncle Will on their farm, he's more than a little afraid of all the different animals and the new and unfamiliar scene. "I'm not scared!" he asserts with all the bravado he can muster. Then, one moonlit night, Uncle Will needs his help to deliver a lamb, and Joe learns to overcome his fears. By the time Mom and Dad come to get him, Joe is proud to show off his new baby lamb and his newfound confidence! Children will identify and sympathize with Joe in this warm and tender portrayal of a small boy's first experience of spending time away from his parents.

Old MacDonald had a Farm by Jane Cabrera - The famous nursery rhyme illustrated with bright colours and thick strokes that will attract the attention of toddlers. It also has a surprise twist in the end.

Funny Dinosaurs, Monsters and Aliens

Dinosaur Zoom by Penny Dale - The dinosaurs are revving, roaring, and racing, to a dinosaur birthday party! Bursting with dinosaurs and vehicles of all shapes and sizes and with a delicious surprise ending, this book is guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of children everywhere. This is perfect for toddlers who love dinosaurs and vehicles. The bright illustration is a major plus point.

Jumblebum by Chae Strathie and Ben Cort - A funny story, it's all about the importance of tidying up. Johnny thinks that his room has its own special style. But his mum thinks his room is a MESS! Johnny doesn't care until all the chaos attracts the terrible Jumblebum Beast. Will Johnny end up in the Jumblebum's tum - or can his secret plan save the day? It is funny and it emphasises on tidiness.

Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort - Aliens love underpants, in every shape and size. But there are no underpants in space, so here's a big surprise. This zany, hilarious tale is delightfully brought to life by Ben Cort's vibrant illustrations. With a madcap, rhyming text by award-winning Claire Freedman, this is sure to enchant and amuse the whole family!

Rhyming Alliteration Books

Wriggle and Roar! by Julia Donaldson - For children from the age of three, this title encourages rhyming fun and audience participation. There are rhymes to make children wriggle and giggle, shrug and sign, snap like a crocodile and slither like a snake. It's an interactive book that is sure to entertain active kids.

Superworm by Julia Donaldson - The funny and fantastically illustrated story is full of bouncy rhyming verses and has a fun chorus that is sure to have preschoolers joining in as they follow Superworm's adventures as he faces up to the wicked Wizard Lizard and his sinister servant Crow. When Superworm is kidnapped by them, it is up to his animal friends to save him. The quirky illustrations are full of charming details and the unlikely hero of the tale has immense appeal for children aged 3 and over.

I don't Want a Posh Dog by Emma Dodd - Children will love imagining what makes the perfect dog and what doesn't! With a bouncy, rhyming text that's perfect for reading aloud and witty, vibrant artwork from an award-winning, popular artist this exciting picture book will delight dog lovers, young and old, and anyone who wants a pet or loves animals.

Reading aloud picture books to toddlers and pre-schoolers allow parents to give quality time as a love language to children. Let's celebrate World Book Day today by reading books for a minimum of ten minutes. Let today be a start of a beautiful tradition.